Star Fugs

Jul 31, 2006 by Jessica at 3:59 PM
There are lots of ways for an actor to battle persistent gay rumors, should he choose to do so:… Read More »

Fugly Stewfug

Jul 31, 2006 by Jessica at 7:57 AM
There's something about Kim Stewart's short dress/long shirt, cap-haphazardly-plonked-on- potentially-unwashed-hair, and mildly inappropriate shoes combo that reeks of the… Read More »

Random Fug:Sophia Hyatt

Jul 28, 2006 by Jessica at 10:34 AM
Witness Sophia Hyatt. Google tells me that she is a "British Pakistani celebrity," and a "sexy Indian hottie." I… Read More »

Scrolldown Fug: Mindy Kaling

Jul 27, 2006 by Heather at 12:41 PM
The Office is one of my favorite shows, and Mindy Kaling -- like everyone else -- is great on… Read More »

A Fug Affair

Jul 27, 2006 by Jessica at 11:20 AM
Back in the day, I had a cute little terry cloth romper like the one Jessica Simpson is wearing… Read More »

Fug In The City

Jul 26, 2006 by Heather at 11:15 AM
"... Yeah, boss? I have Kim Cattrall here, trying to leave the store... No, no, she's not… Read More »

Elisha Fugbert

Jul 26, 2006 by Jessica at 9:54 AM
Oh my God! Elisha Cuthbert clearly has The Dreaded Shrinks, as so artfully chronicled in The… Read More »

Lady in the Fug

Jul 25, 2006 by Jessica at 11:51 AM
There's so much I like about Bryce Dallas Howard. For one thing, I covet her red hair.  (I love… Read More »

Parminder Fugra

Jul 24, 2006 by Heather at 4:44 PM
Parminder Nagra is gorgeous. Which is why I wish heartily that she hadn't gone and upholstered herself:… Read More »

Fugga Frightley

Jul 24, 2006 by Heather at 6:16 AM
My fascination with Keira Knightley's odd fashion choices continues apace -- and no, in this case, I'm not referring… Read More »

Achy-Breaky Fug

Jul 20, 2006 by Heather at 7:31 PM
Somehow, this is starting to feel like Pick On The Under-18s Week here at GFY HQ, which is not… Read More »

Celebrity Giamatti Watch: Ethan Embry

Jul 20, 2006 by Heather at 12:45 PM
I know it seems like a long time ago that anyone really cared what Ethan Embry was doing, and… Read More »

Celebrity Terror Watch: Carson Daly

Jul 19, 2006 by Heather at 3:48 PM
It's almost impossible to have missed the photo of Carson Daly that's been going around, wherein he looks aged… Read More »

You, Me, and Fuglee

Jul 19, 2006 by Heather at 12:32 PM
Kate Hudson is a pretty girl with nice legs. But I do prefer it when they aren't poking out… Read More »

Fugly 101

Jul 19, 2006 by Heather at 6:41 AM
Dear Johnny Mr. Depp (sorry, my Mom made me cross that out): Hi dude Mr. Dude! Read More »
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